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2023 Virtual Keynote Speaker

There are two ways to participate in PD Days 2023: 1) Virtually - there will be ten virtual sessions (between 1-1.5 hours each) spread over the month of May, including a virtual keynote speaker; 2) In-person: there will also be an in-person full-day workshop held in Moncton on May 23rd, followed by an in-person networking event. 

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Carmel Teasdale, PMP

Change Management for Agile Projects
Monday, May 1 at 7 pm

Carmel Teasdale has the privilege of working 20+ years building and implementing company-wide change management programs for multi-year corporate transformations in public and private sectors. She also has experience in creating and implementing communications strategies and employee engagement infrastructures for organizations with thousands of employees across North America.

She has managed projects to develop mission, vision, corporate structure, governance and branding for in-hour services and led projects to develop service models, both for ITIL4 ITSM and IT Operations and SaaS service delivery models. She led a team of senior managers to develop a five-year strategic plan for a five-year multi-billion-dollar organization and another team of subject matter experts to create a 20-year demand plan.

Carmel started her change management career working for a music festival (yes, change management is everywhere) and currently works as a Senior Consultant for CGI. She has presented at Change Management and Customer Care conferences and is excited for any opportunity to apply the change management lens to project management.  She is proud to say that she achieved her PMP designation in 2020 (which felt much harder than a thesis at times). 

Originally from Antigonish, Nova Scotia and resident of Fredericton, NB, she's a proud alum of St. Francis Xavier University, University of New Brunswick, and Mount Saint Vincent University. 

Keynote Topic: Change Management for Agile Projects - How do you find the Delta?
Change Management is all about bridging the gap between how things use to be and how they will be for clients. But what happens in an Agile Project, where the focus is on the future? 

In the end, the change management deliverables stay the same, but how we get there is different. 

1 PDU (Power Skills)

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