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2022 Virtual PD Days Speakers

Professional Development Days 2022 was virtual, with 14 sessions, including the AGM, over 11 days throughout the month of May. Earn up to over 16 PDUs towards your PMI credential. For your convenience, all sessions were held either at 12 pm or 7 pm, so you don’t need to put your other projects, or your life, on hold. 


Michael Stanleigh, FCMC, CSP, CSM

The Art of Innovation in Project Management
Monday, May 2 at 7 pm

Michael will share case studies and engage the participants in discussions and brief individual exercises to explore project management innovation.  He’ll use examples taken from his extensive consulting and training experience with various organizations around the world including Roche, Federal Reserve Bank, The Chamberlain Group Inc., Criterion Systems, the Stellar Group, ConEdison, Air Canada, Atlantic Packaging, Oricle Synergy, CPA association, Memorial University’s Gardiner Centre, Laurier University, City of Vaughan, City of Windsor, City of Waterloo, Government of the Northwest Territories, Saputo, Allegion and Newell Brands. Expect to be engaged in these discussions and exercises to increase your understanding of innovation and its application to the management of your projects.    You’ll learn some new techniques that you can apply to your projects and teams to immediately improve their outcomes.

Wouldn’t it be amazing to use new, innovative approaches on our projects to re-engergize our teams and exceed our customer expectations?  Essentially, understanding how to use Art of Innovation in our projects. We know that well-managed projects are successful because they work within their constraints, meet their stakeholder requirements and utilize their resources effectively.  But despite our best efforts, projects always encounter some problems, issues and challenges that make it difficult to realize that level of success.

Projects are managed in a world of certainty.  Innovation is managed in a world of uncertainty.  But we can combine these to create projects that integrate the uncertainty with the certainty.   


Let me engage you, through this presentation on when and how to use new, creative and different approaches in the management of your projects.  I’ll share case studies about how organizations use innovative approaches to the management of their waterfall and/or agile projects.  You’ll learn how to generate ideas and use techniques that will motivate and energize your teams.  Essentially, how to think creatively to overcome your team and project challenges.   This keynote will leave with the tools, processes and techniques required to begin mastering the art of innovation in project management.   

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1.5 PDUs (0.5 Strategic and Business Management and 1 Leadership)

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Paula Brinston.jpg

Paula Brinston

Now and Forever Interpersonal Skills will be key to Project and Career success
Wednesday, May 4 at 12 pm


Senior leader and driver of strategy realization who enjoys training and coaching teams to improve PPM competencies.  Paula has dedicated her 25+ year career to helping organizations achieve their strategy through managing projects, programs, and portfolios. 

Her passion is leading teams and organizations to success by ensuring effective and adaptive practices that drive results and achieve outcomes.  She has experience in many sectors such as Healthcare, Technology and Oil and Gas, all with a proven and consistent track record of leading teams to achieve goals, often exceeding client expectations.   

Committed to professionalism and dedicated to customer delivery excellence she is currently the Senior Manager, Technology Planning & Stewardship within her organization. Previously, PMI NB President and founder of PMI NB PD Days conference. 


We will review how interpersonal skills (now and always) are key to success. Focus on how to effectively communicate, interact, and work with individuals and groups. Discuss how strong communication skills lead to project success and career success. Some key topics to be covered:
1.  What are Interpersonal Skills and why are they important to Project Management
2.  Manage Your Brand
3.  Key Considerations for Effective Communication
4. Tips for Sharing Data, Email Communication, Virtual Meeting Presentations and Communicating with Senior Leadership
5.  Conclusion

As well as reflect on my career journey and key contributors to success.

1 Leadership PDU

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Ebenezer Ajibade.jpeg

Ebenezer Ajibade

Change Leadership in Digital Transformation
Wednesday, May 4 at 7 pm


Ebenezer is an innovative, resourceful, and dynamic business analysis coach, data analytics professional Scrum Master, Product Owner, Career Coach and Digital Transformation leader in the Information Technology industry and a Certified Business Analysis Professional with hands on experience across several industries having worked on multiple projects with cross-functional partners in UK, USA, Canada, South Africa, and Nigeria.  


He is the founder, PHD Consulting where he helps people looking to start their business analysis career and looking to gain digital skills needed for the future of work.  


He is passionate about mindset shift, change leadership, business agility, digital products, data analytics and most importantly career success for newcomers who either have little or no experience but want to make success of their careers.


This presentation focuses on driving change on digital transformation projects from a project managers perspective.

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   1 Leadership PDU

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Daniel Fay.jpg

Daniel Fay

Emotional Intelligence - Manage your Emotions or They Will Manage You
Monday, May 9 at 7 pm


Everybody (especially project managers) has at least one hot button. These are situations that well up our emotions and take control of the situation. To make it worse, there are people in our lives that just seem to know how to get at that hot button efficiently and effectively. Do you manage your emotions or do your emotions manage you? 
In this module, get tips to ensure that emotions do not manage the situation. Know how to identify and control stressful situations in your life. 
Areas covered During this Webinar include: 

  • What is Emotional Intelligence 

  • What are some of your Emotional Challenges? 

  • The Emotional Intelligence Framework 

  • Personal Competency versus Social Competency 

  • Creating your Balance – Gaining control of your emotions 

Why You should Attend this Webinar 

  • Strengthen your ability to take control during stressful, or emotionally charged situations. Get some key tips and a better understanding of why these situations are stressful, and what steps to get back on track. 

  • If you find yourself in stressful situations, this webinar is important for you. If you feel that lack of managing your emotions has impacted your life, this webinar is critical for you.

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   1.5 Leadership PDUs

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Alexandra Chapman.jpg

Alexandra Chapman

Why Path Dependency is more important than Critical Path for ensuring projects successfully deliver value.
Wednesday, May 11th, at 12 pm


For more than three decades, Alex has been teaching organisations to deliver value and results through projects, initially as a PM and then as a project fixer. She is internationally recognised for her writing and teaching on Outcomes Thinking techniques. Alex has worked with major corporations in Australia, the UK, The Netherlands and Denmark She holds a Master of Business Administration from Cranfield School of Management, UK. Alex also teaches at post-graduate level at Melbourne University in Innovation and Entrepreneurship.



Critical Path is a core part of the project manager’s toolkit. And yet another kind of “path” - Path Dependency - is a term hardly used on project management circles and yet it should be. This session will explain the concept of Path Dependency, how it differs from Critical Path and how to apply it to improve the decision-making on projects. 

    1 PDU (0.5 Leadership and 0.5 Strategic & Business Management)

    Strategic and Business Management - Tran
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    Elena Dorkina.jpg

    Elena Dorkina

    PMO transformation in Agile delivery model
    Thursday, May 12 at 12 pm


    Senior IT Manager with over 15-years of experience in software development for Retail Banking and Corporate Services. Specialized in Project and Portfolio Management, IT processes optimization and transformation. Have more than 3 years of experience in a large- scale Enterprise transformations including organizational design, digital transformation and IT process landscape changing. Professionally graduated from Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (Bachelor degree and Master’s degree) and Synergy Business School (MBA Program). Professional certification on PMI, PMI-Agile Certified Professional.  



    How to transform enterprise management approach for Agile delivery model, setup right metrics and KPIs and establish processes of organizational governance. 

      1 Strategic and Business Management PDUs

      Strategic and Business Management - Tran
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      Pria G..jpg

      Pria G.

      Redefining the Role of Project Management - Leaders of the 'Reskilling' DIGITAL ERA
      Thursday, May 12 at 7 pm


      Pria helps enterprises with strategy and solution enablement. She is acknowledged for well-defined understanding of business technology interface and capacity to identify and align client’s emerging technology needs with products and services. Pria is an effective leader with a superior track record for delivering mission critical targets, and over 15 years of experience in Corporate Strategy & Execution, Solution implementations, Customer Enablement using the strong experience in Program/Project management for management and delivery. Pria has been a PMI member since 2015, carrying the attitude and enthusiasm to always learn and share!

      Leaders need to think and act differently in this ever changing digital era to enable continuous learning! Project Managers and leaders are the learning facilitators-in-chief. Leaders must learn new mindsets and behaviours to lead their people and organisation. It gets difficult to learn new things as an adult especially with so many new updates! So, how can leaders create a psychological safe environment and yet challenge their teams for productivity? Leaders need to express humility, empathy, and bring the best out of their people without commanding them.
      •    Keeping an eye on the future
      •    Cultivating service-leadership approach
      •    Learning innovation in the digital age
      •    Creating a safe space to learn, encouraging continuous learning in workplace
      Do you think you have a crucial role to play in this digital age? What do you think, as leaders, will work and not work? Let's talk about it!

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      1 Leadership PDU

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      Troy Wallace.jpg

      Troy Wallace

      The 4 Disciplines of Execution
      Monday, May 16 at 7 pm


      As a Client Partner, Troy works for FranklinCovey bringing World-Class solutions on Performance Improvement, Leadership Development and Execution of Strategic Initiative to Atlantic Canada. 


      Troy was a Client Facilitator of FranklinCovey content for 9 years. He has facilitated workshops on Leading at the Speed of Trust, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, The 4 Essential Roles of Leadership, Helping Clients Succeed (Sales Content) and was an Implementation Coach for The 4 Disciplines of Execution. Prior to FranklinCovey, Troy was a Manager, Corporate Trainer, Coach, Sales Manager and Sales Professional. Troy is the father of 2 teenagers, husband and lives and works from Sussex, New Brunswick.


      Organizations spend more than $30 Billion dollars annually on strategy creation, and more than 80% of those strategies fail. It is rarely due to poor strategy, but typically poor Execution. Executing strategies that require a change in human behavior is a leader's greatest challenge.  


      This session is an Executive Overview of 4DX. You will learn the principles of:  

      Focus - create focus on a breakthrough result in-the-midst of competing distractions  

      Leverage - apply consistent energy to the activities that arc most predictive of goal success  

      Engagement - flip the 'game-on' switch and always know if you arc winning or losing.  

      Accountability - create a team that is accountable to each other for driving the breakthrough result.

      Please note, this session will not be available as a recording.

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      1.5 Strategic PDUs

      Strategic and Business Management.PNG
      David Whelbourn.jpg

      David Whelbourn

      Method Melding
      Tuesday, May 17 at 12 pm


      Co-Founder of CyberNB. Organizations want to achieve benefits by implementing their strategy. They need people who can initiate and complete projects that deliver the outcomes needed. Where people see impossible deadlines or overly ambitious delivery, I see opportunities to overcome the challenges, focus on priorities and enable key capabilities to deliver the outcomes. As a dedicated professional with 30+ year’s experience, operated in both Europe and North America. I have specialized in delivering high impact business change through leading cross functional teams. This expertise and experience has led to a track record of successful delivery of business change and implementing new technologies across a broad range of industries.


      As a result of our complex work environments, Agile, Waterfall, and a number of different methodologies are often incorporated into custom blends under the project management umbrella. This session will explore techniques for choosing companion methods, and how methods can be melded without losing the benefits of each type. How do you stop becoming a slave to the method and tune them to develop a solid project delivery strategy. 

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      1.5 Technical PDUs

      Technical Project Management - Transparent.png
      Laszlo Retfalvi.jpg

      Laszlo Retfalvi

      Techniques to Successfully Integrate Risk Management into Hybrid Projects
      Wednesday, May 18 at 12 pm


      Laszlo is a New Brunswick raised and UNB educated 35+ year veteran of engineering, project management and business in private and public sectors. Laszlo is an award-winning instructor, author, and coach. A recognized industry speaker, Laszlo has published and delivered over 80 papers and presentations internationally, including 8 PMI Global Conferences and PMI Risk and Leadership Community of Practice Premium on Demand webinars. Laszlo’s book “The Power of Project Management Leadership” has been selected as one of the 100 Best Project Management Books of all Time by Book Authority. Laszlo has been happily married to Lisa for over 35 years and they have two wonderful sons, Andrew and Alexander.


      Hybrid has gained popularity due to its ability to effectively respond to issues as they arise, improve stakeholder satisfaction, and increase focus on value-driven delivery. A major challenge to many project managers is knowing how to effectively plan, identify, and manage risks when using hybrid approaches.  Join Laszlo as he reviews how to integrate proven risk management techniques with hybrid approaches to increase the probability of personal, project and organizational success.  

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      1 PDU (0.75 Technical and 0.25 Leadership)

      Technical Project Management - Transparent.png
      Erika Souza de Melo.jpg

      Erika Souza de Melo

      Investigation of engineering design rework on the performance of complex product development projects 
      Wednesday, May 18 at 7 pm


      Érika Souza de Melo has a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Electrical Engineering from the Federal University of Itajubá (UNIFEI-Brazil), a MBA in Project Management from the Getúlio Vargas Foundation (FGV-Brazil) and a DBA in Project Management from the University of Quebec at Trois-Rivières (UQTR-Canada). She worked in large companies in the automotive and aeronautics sectors including Delphi Automotive Systems, Airbus Helicopters, Embraer and Bombardier aviation. Currently, she is a Project Management Professor at the University of Quebec at Rimouski (UQAR-Canada). Her research interests focus on the management of complex product development projects.


      Although the topic of project management has been widely discussed in the scientific and professional literature, organizations still struggle to effectively manage their complex product development projects. Among the causes that contribute to the poor performance of projects, design rework is a real managerial challenge. Indeed, the need to adjust the product in development, according to the evolution of customer needs and competition, is a source of disruption. 

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        1.5 Technical PDUs

        Technical Project Management - Transparent.png
        Matt Tomlinson.jpeg

        Matt Tomlinson

        AI@Work: New Projects, New Thinking
        Tuesday, May 24 at 7 pm


        Matt Tomlinson is a PMI board member and chairs the Strategy Oversight Committee (SOC). In this role, his focus is to help PMI chart a course through the changes to our profession, enabling us to stay relevant for our chapters and members. As a PMP, PgMP, and long-term PMI volunteer, Matt has participated in several iterations of how our members and credentials are moving forward.  


        Matt also works as a product management leader at, where he focuses on helping millions of people around the world find their next job. This role allows him to bring a unique perspective on how our volunteers, members, and credential holders can highlight their skills and experiences and stay current with their professional development. 



        In an increasingly complex and fast-moving global economy, the nature of work itself is changing. We see technologies like Artificial Intelligence reshaping how projects are delivered around the world. The A.I. revolution has sparked both hopes and fears regarding the impact this technology will leave on society. For every technological advancement in fields like machine learning, many become concerned about the potential of machines to replace humans in the workforce. 


        We will welcome Matt Tomlinson of the Project Management Institute’s Board of Directors to share his insights on A.I.’s impact on the work of project professionals – and the role that the PMI community is playing to prepare both individuals and their organizations to future-proof themselves in a time of continuous change.

          1 Strategic and Business Management PDU

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          Cesar Camino.jpg

          Cesar Camino Puga

          Leadership skills required in a changing construction industry 
          Wednesday, May 25 at 12 pm


          Experienced Civil Engineer, with a master’s degree in Construction Management and current MBA candidate. Has developed and built residential, commercial, educational, and infrastructure projects in Peru, effectively managed projects throughout their lifecycle, and produced successful teams of engineers and workers in the process.


          The presentation will showcase different styles of leadership and how you would apply them in the construction industry. The idea is to generate self-reflection in the participants by acknowledging.

          1. The lack of leadership in the industry, we are taught to manage resources but not to lead people

          2. The different situations and characteristics of laborers and professionals in the industry and how they could be led (ex. high personnel rotation)

          3. Ethical leadership

          4. Change and transformational leadership

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          1 Leadership PDU

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